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Bulk Fuels


Gas Oil / Red Diesel

Gas Oil is often referred to as RED Diesel, is most commonly used in farm vehicles and to power non road vehicles, plant and equipment. It can also be used to fuel some heating systems.

Heating Oil / Kerosene

Commonly used to power domestic and commercial boilers and heating systems, Agas and range-style cookers. And, whilst Kerosene is used to power jet-engine aircraft and some rockets it is rare that we receive such orders!

Derv / White Diesel

Derv is most commonly used in cars and lorries with diesel engines, road going vehicles and other equipment. The name is an abbreviation of the phrase D(iesel) E(ngine) R(oad) V(ehicle). It is sometimes commonly referred to as ‘white diesel.’

BlueDrive SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) / Adblue®

A premium, specialist commercial product only available from Oil NRG your local distributor under the Bluedrive SCR brand. Consisting of 67.5% water and 32.5% of an organic compound called urea, injected into exhaust gas to reduce the very harmful NOx emissions of diesel engines. Used to meet the Euro5 and Euro6 emission standards and legislation. Only one Oil NRG fuel account for all of your refuelling needs.


Often referred to as petrol, is most commonly used in road going vehicles and equipment. We can supply unleaded as required please call our sales team.

Marine (Propeller Fuels)

Propeller Fuels was formed to provide the maritime sector with the most competitively priced marine fuels at the highest standards of quality and service. A MARPOL compliant service, delivering ISO 8217 grades at all of our delivery locations.

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