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Heating Oil / Kerosene

Oil is commonly chosen to power domestic and commercial boilers and heating systems, Agas and range-style cookers for heating and cooking. And, whilst Kerosene is used to power jet-engine aircraft and some rockets, it is rare that we receive such requests!

For off-gas homes, oil is one of the cheapest fuels available, with over 1.5 million homes in the UK using oil for heating.

Cleaner and easier to use than solid fuel, oil is also safe and economical. An oil-fired range in the kitchen provides a traditional style cooker combined with efficient heating.

Our standard domestic heating oil is kerosene (28 sec), which is suitable for nearly all domestic requirements and oil fired boilers. We can also supply additives to our standard kerosene (28 sec) which minimise consumption, maximise output efficiency and reduce maintenance on domestic boilers and Aga / range-style cookers.

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