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Commercial: Order Bulk Red Diesel, Bulk White Diesel and More Online


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Here at Oil NRG, we understand the importance for both commercial businesses and our existing commercial customers of getting a quality fuel supply on time and for the right price.

This is why we provide a range of fuels for commercial purposes including bulk red diesel (sometimes known as commercial gas oil), bulk white diesel (sometimes known as DERV or Diesel Engine Road Vehicle fuel), kerosene and many more, all at affordable prices. Plus, we have dependable delivery options across our many depots that can work around your operations and deliver to remote areas if needed.

Gas Oil / Red Diesel
Often referred to as RED Diesel, is most commonly used to power non-road vehicles and equipment, and in farm vehicles.

Derv / White Diesel
Often referred to as WHITE Diesel, it most commonly used in commercial road-going vehicles and equipment.

Kerosene / Heating Oil
Often referred to as Heating Oil, it is most commonly used in domestic and commercial for heating buildings.

Often referred to as petrol, is most commonly used in road-going vehicles and equipment.

Placing an order is also easy and you can get a free initial quote by using our online ordering tools. You may also want to consider our ‘Never Empty’ service which is available to commercial customers – as the name suggests, this takes the hassle away from monitoring your supplies and we guarantee to keep your oil levels topped up. 

More reasons to choose Oil NRG

In addition to the above, there are many other great reasons to choose Oil NRG to partner with your commercial operations:

  • Affordability – our bulk red diesel and bulk white diesel prices are some of the cheapest you can find.
  • Expert – the teams working in our depots are experienced and knowledgeable about our fuels, supply chains and more, meaning you’re in safe hands.
  • Digital – any online quotes or payments are safe and secure, without any extra hidden charges.
  • Highly rated – our customers regularly tell us how fantastic our services are, but don’t take our word for it, check out our many five-star reviews

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