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Remote Monitoring

The Watchman Anywhere is a remote oil level monitoring device which allows you to monitor your oil levels anywhere via an iPhone and Android App, email or text with this remote kit.

The Watchman Anywhere uses the latest in monitoring technology to provide you with complete peace of mind on your oil tank levels.

In addition to receiving the continued service from Oil NRG, we will guarantee that you will never run out of fuel again, and provide you with our unique 2 year replacement warranty.

Features and benefits:

This next generation Watchman Anywhere gives you the freedom to check your oil levels anytime, anywhere with our free iPhone or Android app. With our free app, you can:

  • Get your oil level readings while abroad
  • Check your oil levels from your office
  • Monitor your nearest and dearest’s oil levels – parents or children
  • Stay in control of oil tank levels at your holiday home.

As well as the free app, with the Watchman Anywhere you can enjoy:

  • A personalised web page available through any web enabled device.
  • Weekly text and email alerts.
  • First 12 months free subscription.
  • Optional installation available.

Download the App FREE for your device:


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